The public laboratory platform of Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (Planned) - the optoelectronic micronanoelectronic manufacturing process platform, located in Zone E of National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, was founded in September 2005. In June 2006, with the process and test equipment moved in and adjusted, the platform began to be put into use. The platformcovers an area of about more than 1,900 square meters. The highest purification class is 5 (class 100) and the lowest class is 8 (class 100,000); among them, class 100 cleanroom is 136 square meters, class 1,000 cleanroom 439 square meters, class 10,000 cleanroom 639 square meters, and class 100,000 cleanroom 463 square meters. The platform has perfect power, purification air conditioning and gas security system. At present, there are 135 pieces (sets) of equipment altogether, including 36 pieces (sets) of main equipment, and 99 pieces (sets) of auxiliary equipment. It spent the construction funds of the second phase of “985 Project” purchasing equipment worth about 100 million yuan. There are a lot of large-scale process equipment such as “ArF(193nm) DUV lithography scanner”, “metal organic chemical vapor deposition system (MOCVD)” , “electron beam lithography system (EBL)”, “Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching Machine (ICP-RIE)”, “low pressure chemical vapor deposition system (LPCVD)”, and “vacuum magnetron sputtering coating system”. In addition, there are 10 measuring instruments including “Micro-Raman/PL Spectrometer”, “high resolution X-ray diffractometer”, and “optical ellipsometer”. The platform has the ability of fabricating and measuring optoelectronic materials and devices. Now, 14 process engineers and power engineers are there executing the daily management, operation and maintenance of all the equipment on the platform.