Laser and Tera-Hertz Technology Division mainly explores and researches into the physical phenomena of lasers and new high power lasers to obtain lasers of high power, high beam quality, high stability and long life, researches into the interaction mechanisms between lasers/materials and biological tissues to expand new fields for exploration of new lasers and science application of lasers and further researches into and develops the application of THz wave in such fields as detections of explosive materials and smuggled articles, analysis of material defects, moisture detection, medical diagnosis, tracer gas detection and biomedical imaging.

Research focuses:

Key breakthrough 1: Preparation technology of rare-earth-doped high performance special optical fiber and high power fiber laser

Key breakthrough 2: Theoretical and practical research of laser stereolithography (LSL) and micro fabrication technology in laser processing

Cultivation direction 1: Light source of the next-generation lithography machine: Laser plasma extreme ultraviolet light source

Cultivation direction 2: Breakthrough of THz two-dimensional spectrum technology and equipment

Cultivation direction 3: Technology and instruments for composition analysis with laser probes