Q & A of IYL

International Year of Light 2015


Overview and Aims
The science and applications of light creates revolutionary - but often unseen - technologies that directly improve quality of life worldwide.
Light-based technology is a major economic driver with potential to revolutionize the 21st century [as electronics did in the 20th century].
The Proclamation of an International Year of Light will ensure the importance of light and its potential applications are appreciated by all. It is a tremendous opportunity to coordinate international activities and promote new initiatives to support the revolutionary potential of light technologies

The International Year of Light is a cross-disciplinary educational and outreach project with more than 100 partners from over 85 countries.










Why light and optics?
Light is central to science, technology, art and culture
Light can promote education at all levels
Light technology drives development

Why an International Year of Light?
The importance of light technology needs to be appreciated
International coordination will create durable programmes
We aim to inspire a new generation to study science through light

Clear themes, cross-cutting activities, communication with the public








Natural connections with art













The 21st century is the Century of Light 
What the UN wants
To promote light technologies for improved quality of life in developed and developing world
To reduce light pollution and energy waste
To promote women’s empowerment in science
To promote education amongst young people
To promote sustainable development