Speaker��/strong>Prof. Feng Teng, BeiJingTransportation University

Time��/strong>16:00-17:30Nov.1, 2012



Feng Teng is the professor of Beijing Jiaotong University,whose research fields include electroluminescence,organic/polymer electric bistable device, nanometer luminescent material, organic photovoltaic, photoconductive devices and other research work about the excited state.Professor Teng was the  enshrinees of Beijing new star of science and technology plan in 2004 and the new century of talents scheme of the ministry of education in 2008,and acquired the national outstanding youth fund in 2011



As a research focus, organic/polymer photoelectric devices arise from Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED), including organic/polymer Light-Emitting Diode (LED), photovoltaic devices (solar cells) and TFT devices, where the electric transport is a crucial physical process. It is found that the electrically bistable process exists in the electric transport of inorganic nanocrystal/polymer composite film. It is well known that there are simultaneously two conducting states for electric bistable states under the same applied voltage: a high conducting state and a low conducting state, which correspond the ‘0’ and ‘1’state in storage device, respectivley. So it is expected to be applicable in information storage field. Experimentally, we studied electrical bistability in the composites of several polymers with inorganic nanosemicondutor and nanosilver. It is found that there is a large difference among electric transport process in each device. Therefore, at present, there is not a physical model can completely explain all physical principles in electric bistable devices.