Wednesday,December 26, 2012 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

WNLO Room A302


ZHU Xu received the BEng degree (with first class honours) in 1999 from the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, and the PhD degree in 2003 from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong. Since May 2003, she has been with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, the University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, where she is currently a Senior Lecturer. Dr. Zhu has over 100 refereed publications in highly ranked international journals and conference proceedings, in the broad area of communications and signal processing. Her research interests include wireless MIMO systems, equalization, OFDM techniques, resource allocation, cooperative communications, cross-layer design, cognitive radio, ultra-wideband radio and smart grid communications. Dr. Zhu is a senior member of IEEE and a member of IET. She is an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, and has served as a Guest Editor for the ICSAI 2012 Special Issue in Computer Science and Information Systems. She was Vice Chair of the 2006 and 2008 ICARN International Workshops, Program Chair of the ICSAI 2012, and Publication Chair of the IEEE IUCC-2012. Dr. Zhu has received research grants of over £850k since 2006, including £600k as the Principle Investigator, from various funding bodies such as EPSRC, KTP and EU. Since 2006, she has graduated 7 PhD students and over 30 MSc students as the first supervisor, and has supervised 6 post-doc researchers successfully. Currently Dr. Zhu has 10 PhD students in her research group.


Multiple-input multi-output (MIMO) is an effective technology for wireless broadband communications. The applications of independent component analysis (ICA), an efficient higher-order statistics (HOS) based blind source separation (BSS) technique, are introduced for wireless MIMO systems, along with some of the important issues surrounding them. The ICA based blind/semi-blind frequency-domain equalization schemes are proposed for wireless MIMO channels, and ICA is also used for blind/semi-blind compensation for in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) imbalance and carrier frequency offset (CFO). Simulation and measurement results show that the ICA based equalization methods can achieve a performance that is much better than those of the previous methods, and close to the case with perfect channel state information (CSI), no I/Q imbalance and no CFO.