Author:       2013-12-10

Reporter: Prof. Bo Shen, Beijing University 

Time: Dec.13 10:00-11:30 (AM)

Location: Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics(Wnlo)A101


Bo Shen, born in 7, 1963,Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province. He is a professor in School of Physics of Peking University, who is also a Changjiang Scholar, the winner of national outstanding youth fund, chief scientist of the national 973 program, and the member of expert group of national 863 high basic program “semiconductor lighting”. He graduated in department of physics of Nanjing University with the bachelor degree in 1985, and then graduated in department of physics of University of Science and Technology of China with master degree, finally gained the PhD from the institute of material research of Northeastern University in Japan. He was a guest scientist in institute of industrial technology in Tokyo University, a visiting professor in research center of advanced science and technology in Tokyo University, a visiting professor in research center of electronics and photonics in Chiba University, and then a visiting professor in national institute of advanced industrial science and technology in Japan. As a chair or key member, he has carried out more than 20 scientific research programs, including the national 973 program, national 863 program, major program of national natural science fund, major program of department of education or Beijing city, and programs from army. He has published more than 160 SCI papers with more than 1400 citations, and been an invited speaker in international meetings for more than 10 times with two international “best paper award” and four “outstanding paper award”. He has gained or applied more than 18 national patens for invention, and been a member or session chair of program committee or organizing committee in many international meetings. He is also a member of academic boards of many institutes including national key laboratory, key laboratory of CAS, and key laboratory of national defense. He has gained the second prize of national natural science award, the first prize of science progress award in Jiangsu province, and the first prize of science progress award of department of education.


III-nitrides (also known as the GaN-based) wide band gap semiconductors, belonging to the emerging third-generation semiconductor system, have promising applications in the fields of short wavelength optoelectronic devices and power electronics. Over the last decade, the rapid development of the semiconductor lighting technology and industry, focusing on the blue and white LEDs, formed high technology industry which has significant impact on the national economy and people's lives. Recently, GaN-based power electronic devices have been attached great attentions to academia and industry, which are the new hot spots of R&D and industrialization. This report will first introduce the history and status of the development of semiconductor lighting technology and industry, and analyze the key scientific and technical issues of current GaN-based LED chip technology. Then this report will focus on the histories and dynamics of GaN-based microwave power devices and power electronic devices, including the breakthroughs and the industrialization status achieved by microwave power devices, strengths and weaknesses of power electronics compared to Si and SiC competing devices. At last, a more detailed analysis will be made on the key scientific and technological challenges of GaN-based power electronic devices.