Author: 2014-09-25

Welcome to ONOE 2014, Wuhan!

Organic & Nano-Optoelectronics have been extensively utilized in solar cells, OLED and organic lasing. International Symposium on Organic & Nano-Optoelectronics(ONOE 2014), organized by Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO), will be held on 17-20 October 2014.

The theme of ONOE is to brings together a wide range of research, technologies and perspectives in the fields of organic and nano-optoelectronics for communications, investigations and collaborations. All invited attendees will present most recent results about organic and nano-optoelectronics.


1. Invited speakers

Hua Zhang, Nanyang Technological University

Shuzhou Li, Nanyang Technological University

Qichun Zhang, Nanyang Technological University

Xiongwen (David) Lou, Nanyang Technological University

Lin Liu, Nanyang Technological University

Hongjin Fan, Nanyang Technological University

Fengwei Huo, Nanyang Technological University

Jin Zhang, Peking University

Wenping Hu, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Xiaowei Zhan, Peking University

Dongsheng Liu Tsinghua University

Zhiyong Tang, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, CAS

Hongbing Fu, Institute of Chemistry, CAS

Xuefeng Guo Peking University

Zhixiang Wei, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, CAS

Yongsheng Zhao, Institute of Chemistry, CAS

Dan Wang, Institute of Process Engineering, CAS

Zhaohui Wang, Institute of Chemistry, CAS

Haoli Zhang, Lanzhou University

Ling Huang, Nanjing Tech University

Lianhui Wang, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications


2. Organizing Committee Chairs:

Ming-Qiang Zhu, Zhiyong Tang

3. Secretaries

Xinli Li, Yajin Wen


Ming-Qiang Zhu

Xinli Li