Author:  Jianji Dong     2014-05-04

Optical differentiation (OD) and optical Hilbert transformation (OHT) play important roles in communications, computing, information processing and signal analysis in optical domain offering huge bandwidth. It is very interesting to discover the relationship between OD andOHT since these two functions have some similarities. And a theoretical analysis of the interrelation of OD and OHTwas discussed, but no further experimental verification was carried out yet. Meanwhile, silicon-based photonic integrated circuit is one of the most promising candidates for all-optical signal processing due to its intrinsic advantages of low power consumption, compact footprint, ultra-high speed and compatibility with electronic integrated circuits.

Several researchers in Wuhan National Lab for Optoelectronics, including Prof. Xinliang Zhang, Prof. Jianji Dong, and Dr. Ting Yang, etc. have analyzed the interrelation between first-order OD and OHT, and then have experimentally demonstrated a feasible integrated scheme which can simultaneously function as first-order OD and OHT based on a single microdisk resonator. All the experimental resultsaccord well with the simulated results. They confirmed in experiments that a single SOI MDR can function as an OD or an OHT as the input pulsewidth varied. This finding may motivate the development of integrated optical signal processors.

This work has beenon-line published in Scientific Reports on 4 February 2014. Relative work was partially supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (GrantNo. 2011CB301704), the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Ministry ofEducation of China (Grand No. NCET-11-0168), a Foundation for Author of NationalExcellent Doctoral Dissertation of China (Grand No. 201139), and the National NaturalScience Foundation of China (Grand No. 11174096).