20160901 Simultaneous realization of frequency multiplication and single sideband modulation by exploiting nonlinear birefringent effect

Radio over fiber has attracted much attentions thanks to its capability for low-loss transmission of microwave signal over large bandwidth optical fiber. Generating microwave signal in optic

20160831 Manipulation of wavefront using helical metamaterials

Helical metamaterials, a kind of 3-dimensional structure, has relatively strong coupling effect among the helical nano-wires. Therefore, it is expected to be a good candidate for generating phase shif

20160831 Study of super large mode area fibers based on precise control of the refractive index of cladding

With the fiber laser developing towards high power, high energy, short pulse and good beam quality, it is urgent to enlarge the mode area of the double cladding fibers for laser amplification. A new e

20160831 High-dynamic-range fluorescence molecular tomography for imaging of fluorescent targets with large concentration differences

Hybrid fluorescence molecular tomography and X-ray computed tomography (FMT-XCT) can noninvasively resolve the three-dimensional (3D) spatial distribution of fluorescent markers and therefore plays an

20160815 Scalar-vector soliton fiber laser mode-locked by nonlinear polarization rotation

Passively mode-locked fiber laser is a flexible source of ultrafast optical pulses duo to its advantages of compact size, high stability and simple configuration. One approach to achieve mode-loc

20160811 Modulation format identification aided hitless flexible coherent transceiver

Growing capacity demands motivate the network evolution from conventional fixed optical networks to future agile optical networks. A hitless flexible transceiver aims to adapt the transceiver configur

20160810 Vector plasmonic lattice solitons in nonlinear graphene-pair arrays

Optical spatial solitons, the stationary propagation of light beam with a constant transverse profile, are formed as the diffraction and nonlinear effects reach a balance in a nonlinear optical system

20160720 The tunneling effect of surface plasmon polariton in the Graphene waveguide arrays

The propagation dynamics of surface plasmon polariton (SPP) in the Graphene waveguide arrays have analogy with the electron dynamics in atomic, molecular or condensed-matter systems. The qua

20160713 Fabrication of surface nanoscale axial photonics structures with a femtosecond laser

Fabrication of microscopic photonic devices and circuits with ultrahigh precision and ultralow loss is of great interest due to their potential applications in optical processing, quantum computing, m