20160710 Precisely Detection of the Lattice Distortion

Nanogenerator can convert nanoscale mechanical energy into electrical power. It is primarily based on the piezoelectric property caused by the bending lattice distortion. Lattice distortion is a

20160630 Research progress of optical tuning on dielectric property of ferroelectric superlattice

In recent decades, with the rapid development of terahertz generator and detector, more and more people are focus on the research of propagation of terahertz wave, one of which is terahertz modulator.

20160628 Graphene multilayer taper for plasmonic nanofocusing of terahertz waves

Terahertz (THz) waves have shown great application in several fields such as THz imaging, spectroscopy analysis and optical communications. However, it is still a great challenge to develop THz source

20160624 Sum sideband generation arising from the nonlinear optomechanical interaction

Cavity optomechanics, which combines a mechanical degree of freedom to an optical cavity via resonantly enhanced feedback backaction mechanism, has attracted great interest and seen remarkable progres

20160623 Theoretical analysis of optical gain in uniaxial tensile strained and n+-doped Ge/GeSi quantum well

Jialin Jiang and Junqiang Sun* Silicon is an attractive platform for photonic integration circuits due to its expected low-cost and mass-production. Silicon photonics has its applications spanning

20160622 Theoretical analysis and experimental verification on optical rotational Doppler Effect

In 2013, Padgett’s group recognized that the well-known Doppler shift and Doppler velocimetry had an angular equivalent, and other works about measurement of transverse velocity based on rotational

20160621 Retrieving orbital angular momentum distribution of light with plasmonic vortex lens

Plasmonic vortex lens (PVL) is one of the most representative branches of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). The PVL has lots of potential applications in recent years because of the tight focusing an

20160620 Ultrathin flexible terahertz polarization converter based on metasurfaces

Conventional approach to change the polarization state of light is to use a birefringent crystal which can cause different phase delays along two orthogonal axes. Yet this approach may have some

20160618 Research on efficiently discriminating orbital angular momentum modes of the terahertz vortex beam

The orbital angular momentum (OAM) has been recognized as a fundamental property of electromagnetic (EM) waves, attracting many research interests in optical fields. It is not until 1992 that Allen et