20160616 Sensitive determinations of Cu, Pb, Cd, and Cr elements in aqueous solutions using chemical replacement combined with surface-enhanced laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is one of the competitive approaches for monitoring water quality due to its attractive features, such as rapid, simultan

20160614 Analysis of acousto-optic interaction based on forward stimulated Brillouin scattering in hybrid phononic-photonic waveguides

Ruiwen Zhang, Guodong Chen, and Junqiang Sun* Forward stimulated Brillouin scattering (FSBS) is an acousto-optic interaction between co-propagating pump and Stokes fields through an acoustic wave.

20160613 Research on laser speckle contrast imaging technology based on wavefront shaping technology

Laser speckle imaging (LSI) is a full-field blood flow imaging technique with high spatio-temporal resolution and easily controlled imaging area. It has attracted extensive attention in biom

20160612 Recent progress on a novel silicon waveguide polarization beam splitter

Silicon-on-insulator waveguide attracts intensive attention due to its high-refractive index contrast among various waveguide structures and compatibility with mature CMOS-compatible technologies. How

20160608 Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature based on hybrid EDF/Brillouin laser

Heng Xie, Junqiang Sun,* and Danqi Feng Optical fiber sensors for simultaneous strain and temperature measurement have attracted great interest in application of structure health condition and

20160607 Tunable Sub-four-cycle pulse generation in a group delay compensated dual-crystal optical parametric amplifier

Due to the absence of suitable laser media, broadband long wavelength sources rely on optical parametric amplification (OPA), methods to down-convert the frequency of short wavelengths Ti:Sapphire las

20160603 The progress of reconfigurable photonic temporal differentiator

The temporal differentiator plays an important role in system controlling, electrocardiograph (ECG) signal monitoring, radar signals analyzing and modern communications. The application of traditional

20160505 Helicity sensitive ionization enhancement in intense circularly polarized laser fields

Strong-field ionization driven by circularly polarized laser fields from orbitals with nonzero angular momentum becomes a hot topic recently, since it was demonstrated by I. Barth et al that the ioniz

20160428 Recent research progress in silicon photonics and graphene-based optical signal processing

With the unabated exponential growth of data traffic and global cloud service, the need for high performance computers with higher processing speed is significantly increased. However, traditional com