Research on generation of accelerating terahertz airy beams with 3D printing technology

Author:       2016-12-15 In 1979, Berry and Balazs firstly observed a nonspreading Airy wave function which is a solution of the quantum mechanical Schrodinger eq

New breakthrough in the research of Fiber Bragg grating sensor demodulation

Author:  Li Xia     2016-11-23 Since 1990s, fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors have well-known attributes such as electromagnetic immunity, high sensitivity, and c

Arbitrary waveform generator based on Taylor synthesis method

Author:       2016-11-23 ProfessorJianji Dong and his group of optoelectric devices and integration functional laboratory of Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoele

Precise evaluation of linear absorption of graphene via silicon microring resonator

Author:       2016-11-18 Graphene is a two dimensional material with unique optical properties, which is of great significance in silicon photonics. One important

2x2 MIMO OFDM/OQAM radio signals over elliptical core few-mode fiber

Author:       2016-11-18 The fifth generation (5G) is expected to offer higher capacity, offer more access points,belower cost than current wireless communication

Design of compact and efficient polarization-insensitive taper coupler for SiGe photonic integration

Author:       2016-11-18 Heng Zhou, Junqiang Sun,* Jianfeng Gao, Jialin Jiang, and Yang Zhou In photonic integrated circuits (PICs), taper coupler is an import

High-dynamic-range fluorescence molecular tomography for imaging of fluorescent targets with large concentration differences

Author:       2016-08-31 Hybrid fluorescence molecular tomography and X-ray computed tomography (FMT-XCT) can noninvasively resolve the three-dimensional (3D) spa

Study of super large mode area fibers based on precise control of the refractive index of cladding

Author:       2016-08-31 With the fiber laser developing towards high power, high energy, short pulse and good beam quality, it is urgent to enlarge the mode area

Fabrication of surface nanoscale axial photonics structures with a femtosecond laser

Author:       2016-07-13 Fabrication of microscopic photonic devices and circuits with ultrahigh precision and ultralow loss is of great interest due to their pot