Research progress of optical tuning on dielectric property of ferroelectric superlattice

Author:       2016-07-01 In recent decades, with the rapid development of terahertz generator and detector, more and more people are focus on the research of prop

The progress of reconfigurable photonic temporal differentiator

Author:       2016-06-07 The temporal differentiator plays an important role in system controlling, electrocardiograph (ECG) signal monitoring, radar signals anal

Recent Research Progress in Fiber Orbital Angular Momentum Communications

Author:  ShuhuiLi     2015-12-31 With the rapid develop of information era, there is an increasing demand on the transmission capacity of communication systems. T

Progress of conducting polymers-based optoelectronic devices

Author:       2015-12-28 Conducting polymers are promising candidates in the fields of energy, information, biology and so on, mainly owing to their excellent mer

Recent Research Progress in Optical Interconnects/Communications using Special Light Beams

Author:  Jing Du     2015-12-24 Optical free-space data links, which provide potential increasein data capacity and spectral efficiency, has witnessed hugeprogres

Measurement of the light scattering of single micrometer-sized particles captured with a microfluidic trap

Author:    2015-12-02 The light scattering of a particle is a significant characteristic for various applications, such as environmental monitoring, biomedical diagnosis and cytological a

Advances in photo-darkening and active radiation hardening of rare-earth doped fiber

Author:       2015-10-14 In recent years, double clads rare-earth doped fiber lasers and amplifiers have been widely used in the fields of industry, medicine, and

Microwave frequency measurement using birefringence effect

Author:       2015-09-30 Microwave frequency measurement (MFM) is of great importance in civil and defense systems. Traditional implementations based on high-spee

Operation bandwidth optimization of photonic differentiators Jianji Dong

Author:       2015-08-27 In addition to conventional advantages of reduced system size and dramatically lower cost, employing photons as information carriers also bene