Molecular structure detection in ultrafast laser field

Author:       2015-06-09 The generation of attosecond extreme ultraviolet (XUV) pulses in atomic and molecular gases based on high harmonic generation(HHG) has at

Two orthogonal carriers assisted 101-Gb/s dual-band DDO-OFDM transmission over320-km SSMF

Author:      2015-06-09 With the emergence of a variety of network applications, such as HD-TV, video sharing, a

Recent progress on polarization control of optical waveguide

Author:       2015-06-03 Silicon photonics has attracted tremendous research interest because it has a huge potential that enables on-chip photonic integrated cir

One-step Implementation White LED Based on Sb doped p-ZnO Nanowire Array/n-GaN film

Author:       2015-05-04 Center for Nanoscale Characterization & Devices, Photonics for Energy Division In&nbs

Simultaneous mode conversion and demultiplexing for mode/wavelength division multiplexing systems based on tilted few-mode fiber Bragg gratings

Author:       2015-04-22 In the optical communicate system, all of the dimensions of the optical wave&

Efficient optical coupling in AlGaN/GaN quantum well infrared photodetector via quasi-one-dimensional gold grating

Author:       2015-04-09 In recent years, AlGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells (MQWs) have been taken as the most promising material for infrared photodetectors. The

Fractional-order photonic differentiator using an on-chip microring resonator

Author:       2014-12-15 With the rapid development of data centers and high performance computers, silicon photonics has grown as an ideal solution for high-band

Low-loss plasmonic supermodes in graphene multilayers

Author:       2014-12-12 In the THz and far-infraredregime, monolayer graphene can support transverse magnetic (TM) polarizedSPPs with lower propagation loss and

Short and efficient mode-size converter designed by segmented-stepwise method

Author:       2014-11-18 Recently, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) has become one of the most promising platforms for integrated optics.Different application needs wav