Double metal subwavelength slit arrays interference to measure the orbital angular momentum and the polarization of light

Author:       2014-10-11 OAM beams have been widely used in a variety of interesting applications, such as generation of Pancharatnam–Berry phase, optical micro

Programmable multi-wavelength filter based on thermal printer head and ethanol filled photonic crystal fiber

Author:       2014-09-24 Optical comb filters are widely used in wavelength-division-multiplexed optical communication systems, acting as multichannel isolation f

Molecular photoelectron holography by an attosecond XUV pulse in a strong infrared laser field

Author:  Chen Liangyuan     2014-09-17 Imaging the structure of atoms and molecules and the ultrafast electron dynamics with ultrahigh temporal and spatial resolu

Manipulation of orbital angular momentum beams based on space diffraction compensation

Author:       2014-09-17 For most OAM beam generators, the optical vortex’s radius, which can be tuned via varying transmission distance in free space manually

Robust solution to the inverse problem in optical scatterometry

Author:  Jinlong Zhu     2014-09-12 Optical scatterometry is a model-based metrology technique, which has been applied in many scopes with great success, such as

Dual Functional Transparent Film for Proximity and Pressure Sensing

Author:       2014-09-11 Planar touch sensors, as the pivotal component of accessible man-machine interaction system, are capable of recognizing tactile informati

Tunable fractional-order differentiator using an electrically tuned silicon-on-isolator Mach-Zehnder interferometer

Author:       2014-09-10 Temporal photonic differentiator is a basic operator that performs real-time differentiation of the field envelope of an optical signal,

All-optical tuning of a magnetic-fluid-filled optofluidic ring resonator

Author:       2014-09-10 Optofluidics has integrated advantages of both micro/nano-photonic devices and microfluidics, and it provides a novel and flexible platfo

Research progress on antimony selenide (Sb2Se3) thin film photovoltaics

Author:       2014-09-04 Because of energy shortage and environmental pollution, there is a growing research interest on solar cells aiming at exploiting solar en