Utilize Dynamic Bloom Filter Array to Improve Data Deduplication Performance

Author:       2014-05-27 The explosive growth of digital data has raised new challenges for existing storage systems. Data deduplication is an effective technolog

Bandgap engineering of GaxZn1-xO nanowire arrays for wavelength-tunable light-emitting diodes

Author:       2014-05-20 Bandgap engineering is an important method to improve the electrical and optical properties of semiconductors by tuning of multinary allo

The research progress on optical logic in 2014

Author:       2014-05-14 Based on the previous work, the research team led by Prof. Xinliang Zhang proposed an idea of realizing an all-optical programmable logic

A Resource Assignment Model and Its Distributed Algorithm in the Cloud

Author:       2014-05-14 With the prevalence of the cloud computing and storage platforms, many VoD applications and data have been ported to cloud infrastructure

Hybrid coding method of multiple orbital angular momentum states based on the inherent orthogonality

Author:       2014-05-09 With the rapid growth of Internet services and broadband telecommunications, it is indispensable to increase the capacity of optical comm

Tissue Optical Clearing Windows for Blood Flow Monitoring with High Resolution

Author:       2014-05-09 Laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI), a full-field optical imaging technique, can provide a two-dimensional map of blood flow at high sp

Coherent slow cortical potentials reveal a superior localization of resting-state functional connectivity using voltage-sensitive dye imaging

Author:       2014-05-06 The resting-state functional connectivity (RSFC)of spontaneoushemodynamic fluctuationsis widely used to investigate large-scale functiona

Silicon optical diode based on cascaded photonic crystal cavities

Author:  Jingsong Xia     2014-05-04 Optical nonreciprocal transmission is fundamental to realize optical diodes, isolators and circulators, and is in great deman

Experimental observation of optical differentiation and optical Hilbert transformation using a single SOI microdisk chip

Author:  Jianji Dong     2014-05-04 Optical differentiation (OD) and optical Hilbert transformation (OHT) play important roles in communications, computing, infor