High Quality Factor Photonic Crystal Ring Resonator

Author:  Jingsong Xia     2014-04-29 Photonic crystals are periodic optical nanostructure that have a photonic bandgap and can control the light propagation effec

Accuracy improvement on polymer identification using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with adjusting spectral weightings

Author:      SHA YAN  2014-04-16 With the extensive use of polymers, the classification and recycling of post-consumer polymers have become an urgent problem for environmental p

Determination of polarization-fields across polytype interfaces in InAs nanopillars

Author:   SHA YAN    2014-04-15 Heterocrystalline polytype structures have been intensively studied in recent years as novel types of superlattices. These polytype superlat

Dynamic monitoring of skin optical clearing using photoacoustic microscopy and ultrasonography

Author:       2014-04-10 The imaging depth and contrast of optical imaging are restricted as a result of high optical scattering of biological tissue. The optical

Generation of few-cycle infrared pulses from a degenerate dual-pump

Author:       2014-04-08 Few-cycle infrared laser pulses are of utmost importance for a wide range of scientific application in quantum optics, ultrafast spectros

Probing rotational wave-packet dynamics with the structural minimum in high-order harmonic spectra

Author:       2014-03-24 The main impetus to the development of strong field physics is measuring and understanding the electronic structure and dynamics of matte

parabolic optical fiber nano-probe

Author:       2013-12-09 Scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) is a crucial candidate to reach the submicron resolution, due to its capability of breaking

Realization of plasmonic slow-light on a graphene monolayer

Auther:2013-11-25 Slow light might find various potential applications, such as optical buffer, signal processing, and enhanced light-matter interactions. Due to the limitation of delay-bandwidth

Investigation on Mechanism of Tunable Three-Section Slotted Fabry-Perot Lasers

Auther:2013-10-24 Tunable semiconductor lasers are key components in future optical fiber networks. Typical distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) tunable lasers, such as SGDBR laser and DS-DBR laser,