New Progress in Computational Lithography: Efficient Modeling of Optical Lithography with Process Variations

Auther:2013-9-4 Process variations, such as defocus and lens aberrations, always exist in real lithography processes. Thus, fast and accurate lithography simulation considering process variations

The Journal of “Scientific Reports of the “Nature Publishing Group published the research by Prof. Yihua Gao’s group of WNLO.

Auther: Jiayou Tao 2013-8-29 A solid-state flexible supercapacitor (SC) based on organic-inorganic composite structure-polypyrrole (PPy)-MnO2 nanoflakes-carbon fiber (CF) hybrid structu

Cable-Type Supercapacitors of Three-Dimensional Cotton Thread Based Multi-Grade Nanostructures for Wearable Energy Storage

Auther:2013-8-29 By Wenzhen Ma,Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO), HUST A novel cable-type flexible supercapacitor with excellent performance is fabricated utilizing three-di

Ultra-broadband water window supercontinuum generation with high efficiency in a three-color laser field

Auther:2013-7-3 High-order harmonic generation (HHG) results from a nonlinear response of atoms and molecules to intense laser fields. The emissions of HHG has the characteristics of short durati

Anomalous isotopic effect on electron-directed reactivity by a 3-um midinfrared pulse

Auther:2013-7-3 The electronic motion inside the molecule is of fundamental importance in determining the formation and fracture of chemical bonds. For more than two decades, many efforts have be

Locality-aware Approximate Query Service in Cloud Computing Environment

Massive storage systems in the cloud computing applications need to deal with the problems of storing and maintaining large-scale data. Existing large-scale data centers contain storage systems with Z

LC3 fluorescent puncta in autophagosomes or in protein aggregates can be Real-time in-situ distinguished by two-color FRAP analysis in living cells

Auther:2013-5-22 Autophagy plays a key role in cell growth, development, aging, death process, as well as in tumor development, neurodegenerative diseases and their prognosis. In autophagy resear

Achieving maximum entanglement between two nitrogen-vacancy centers coupling to a whispering-gallery-mode microresonator

Auther:2013-5-15 Quantum entanglement and quantum entanglement generation have played an important role in quantum information processing including quantum teleportation and quantum computation.

Simultaneously Ratiometric Imaging of Dual-molecular Events in Living Cells Using Novel FRET Pairs

Auther:2013-5-15    Intracellular protein-mediated molecular events are organized in a complicated network that governs how a cell responds to environmental change. To study this complex ne