Comparison analysis of optical frequency comb generation with nonlinear effects in highly nonlinear fibers

Auther:2013-5-9 Optical frequency comb (OFC) is a spectrum that consists of a set of evenly spaced frequency components with a coherent and stable phase relationship. With the rapid development o

High order photonic differentiator employing on-chip cascaded microring resonators

Auther: 2013-5-8 Photonic differentiators can implement the differentiation of ultrafast optical signals in optical domain directly without electronic processing. Photonic differentiation (DIFF)

Achieving maximum entanglement between two nitrogen-vacancy centers coupling to a whispering-gallery-mode microresonator

Auther: 2013-4-28 Quantum entanglement and quantum entanglement generation have played an important role in quantum information processing including quantum teleportation and quantum computation.

Coherent detection of terahertz pulses via gas plasma induced by few-cycle laser pulses with fixed carrier envelope phase

Auther:2013-4-28 The use of femtosecond (fs) laser-induced plasma in gases to generate and detect terahertz (THz) radiation has been a subject of considerable interest in recent years. When used

Multi-dimensional multiplexing all-optical signal processing progress

Auther: 2013-3-25 In the modern communication system, more and more signal multiplexing technologies have been applied to increase the capacity of the communication systems.  On top of the m

Coherent detection of terahertz wave via time resolved photoluminescence

Auther: 2013-1-29 In the development of ultrafast optics over the past decade, photoluminescence (PL) has been used as an effective tool to reflect the THz-electroninteraction and modulation. The

Lateral laser speckle contrast analysis combined with line beam scanning illumination to improve the sampling depth of blood flow imaging

Laser speckle imaging (LSI) is a full-field blood flow imaging technique with high spatio-temporal resolution and easily controlled imaging area. It has attracted extensive attention in biomedical app

A Research on photonic Ultrawideband Impulse Radio Generation and Modulation Over a Fiber Link

Author:       2012-12-11 Ultrawideband (UWB) impulse radio is regarded as a promising technology in recent years owing to the distinct advantages of high data-rat

Research on the slow light enhanced nonlinear in Si-based photonic crystal waveguide---Theoretical explanation of slow light enhanced phenomena and wavelength conversion

Author:       2012-12-11 Silicon based photonic crystal, which inherits of the mature silicon processing technology of modern large scale integrated circuits, bec